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Web Design Maryland: First Steps in Keyword Research

If you want the best SEO strategy, then finding the right keywords is key! Researching your target audience’s search terms and optimizing around them will make sure that your website climbs to coveted spots in Google rankings. But don’t worry -tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs or even good ol’ Google Keyword Planner have got you covered when it comes to discovering those golden nuggets of keyword gold that are essential for success!

Before you can have a website that rocks, you need to know who’s rocking out! Who are your ideal customers? Do they like jazz or alternative rock? You gotta dig deep and ask the hard questions. Then take their answers back to the office in order to find those magic keywords which will help make sure all of these adoring fans end up on YOUR website – not just jammin’ at someone else’s gig! This Maryland website design and development firm usually asks clients for the top 5-10 keywords they would use to find their website when searching the web.

Ready, set optimize! Whip out your wordsmithing skills and come up with a list of keywords that describe your business to perfection. Get creative – what would entice customers? What language do they use when talking about products/services like yours? Put it all together into an awesome keyword recipe; it’s sure to drive hungry search engine traffic right over the threshold of success.

Is your SEO game strong? Dig deeper with powerful keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush or Ahrefs. They’ll help you unlock the secret to finding and ranking for all those juicy phrases people are typing in search boxes – from how popular a particular keyword is to just how hard it will be to get up there on the SERPs (search engine results pages). Why keep shooting blind when these dynamite resources can light your way? Our Maryland Web Design strategy always focuses on what actual keywords are currently being searched on the web before we even begin website design.

Snoop on your rivals to see which keywords they’re swiping! Use the tools we mention in this article to peek at their secrets and out rank them. This intel will help you find the words and topics most in tune with your industry, so that you can keep in eye and stay ahead of the competition.

Need to up your SEO game? Take a look at those keywords and find the ones that’ll give you the best bang for buck – don’t be afraid of getting ‘long-tailed’ either! Longer, more specific phrases may take some extra effort, maybe a little more specific or niche but they’re usually less competitive AND get straight into what people are looking for. Win win right?!

Want more eyeballs on your website? Then search engine optimize and focus in on those key words and make sure they are popping up all over the place! From headline to description, meta-tags to main content – embedding them will tell search engines you mean business. But don’t forget that quality content is king ā€“ provide something valuable if you want people to stay once they’ve clicked through too.

Crafting a great SEO strategy starts with some serious keyword research. Know your biz and audience, come up with ideas for relevant keywords, get helpful insights from tools to track what’s out there, see how the competition stacks up…and voila! You can optimize content around popular search terms that will boost those rankings in no time flat!


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