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  Linked in



Linked in now accounts for at least 75% of business-class social media more than Facebook Twitter or WordPress. LinkedIn has been embraced by the business community as a place to get advice about business decisions bounce ideas off colleagues or get opinions from connections. Currently LinkedIn has over 200 million members. It has been reported that 87% trust LinkedIn as a source of information for business decision-making and almost 50% find LinkedIn to be a good source of word-of-mouth information.

Here are a few tips essential for your success on LinkedIn:

  • Complete your profile to 100% use a professional photo and filling your profile and your descriptors with keywords that are relevant to your business and your services
  • Regularly please update your followers and invite people to follow you and your business
  • Join groups groups are a great way to become involved in conversations and drum up business
  • Create groups creation of groups based around keywords are in excellent way to get people including associates involved in your business or service
  • Create a business page make sure that your business service or organization has branded its presence on LinkedIn completed with a profile and keywords specific to your business share your links Facebook blog news company highlights etc. on this page
  • Recommendations are important they keep news and information up-to-date and in front of others eyes
  • Be proactive update your skill set with your skills and information to keep your business brand and yourself and services out in front of all your linked in connections

By Michael Berkman