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Google Analytics

Almost everything today as long as it needs advertising, makes use of web site marketing. People from all over the whole world use the web for their own respective benefits. Bloggers who earn money online use web site links in the blogs to drive traffic to their websites. Famous people and brands and different products have their own websites to promote and to let everybody else know about them. Nowadays, websites have become essential to any kind of business or promotion that is needed. Through these websites, people will be able to find you or your business and will be able to learn more about what you promote. As many people that are online throughout the day, likewise, many people will also be able to see your site and will learn about it. Google Analytics tells you who, what, where and when. Our Maryland web design firm will interpolate Google Analytics and tell you why your statistics give the results they do.


However, if you are thinking that having a website is enough, you must know that it isn’t. While it is true that your website will promote your company and your products, there is also a need for it to be seen by many. The more people see it, the more it will be seen by others. In other words, having a web developer design a website is not the end of this process. Once your web design is completed it's time to market that website in the search engines. For a good number of visitors to be achieved, the site owner should be able to analyze Google Analytics and make adjustments to their website design to not only identify what visitors are looking at, but what they were looking for when they came upon your website as well as drive more traffic to your website. In what ever business you may be, it is important to keep the people visiting your site and understand there behavoirs. Otherwise, your efforts will be of no avail. The sure thing is a site needs to continually develop based on the needs of your clients and the results of your statistics.

So, how does this really work? Is this effective?
A website owner who wishes to successfully have his website well-kept, he should keep on tracking whether or not his site is still on the go. This tracking, which is very important, is done by Google Analytics.

Technically speaking, Google Analytics serves as the all-around tracker for your site. It keeps track of your website’s records like the number of views, clicks and visits that it has had. Primarily, as the owner keeps track and studies the reports, he will eventually know if his website is doing good or not.


Here are some of the basic features that Google Analytics offer:

  • All-Around Tracker- as mentioned above, Google Analytics works as an all-around tracker for your site. To explain this further, it serves as a something which sees everything that your website does. It sees the pages through your sites and will tell you all the information that you need to know about your site. For you to know if you’re website is doing well, you will have to know how much traffics it is receiving, and this is keenly done by Google Analytics. Whenever you look at the reports, you will eventually know how your website is doing. But, for this to be effective, you have to know how to compare days’ traffics by changing your time. When you do this, you will have a more comprehensive report.
  • Traffic Changes- after the first feature mentioned above, you will eventually know the changes on your traffics. Google Analytics will help you know whether your traffics have gone up, or decreased. Once you learn about it, it would be very important to address the needs of your website. If your website’s traffic has decreased, adjust it and try to do something better so that the next time you see the report, you will see positive changes. With this, it is also very important to regularly look at the reports.
  • Overview- another basic thing that Google Analytics does is that it acts as an overseer for your site. This means that when you look at your site through it, it would be like you see it outwardly so you can have a wider view of it.
  • Deliverables- as a result of the first three (3) features stated above. Website owners will stay updated as they have to constantly check their website’s performance which only means that having Google Analytics is actually a good thing.
  • Page Load- Google Analytics also has specially designed tools to ensure you of your website’s good performances. It helps you know how fast your site work, or the speed of your site. Basically, visitors would not like to visit buffering sites. With Google Analytics, a website owner will know how fast his or her site loads.
  • Analyzing Your Traffics- lastly, once the website owner familiarizes all these, he or she will be able to analyse and understand the traffics. This will then help website owners know the importance of continually developing their sites. Website owners will eventually be able to understand that keeping their website’s performances high and up-to-date is very important if they wish to be successful since their websites serve as their tool in spreading what they promote, even all around the globe.

Overall, Google Analytics is whatever your site needs to be successful. Without it, it would be hard to see the needed details that are needed for a site’s growth. With a proper knowledge of how Google Analytics works, it would be a lot easier for a site to receive more and more traffic. It gives detailed reports about how a certain website performs. It gives the needed information as to the nature of the site’s visitors. It helps you know whether or not your site is doing well. The services that Google Analytics offers are just what a site needs to keep running well. Plus, some of the most basic features are free. Only the upgrades require considerable fees. With this, it makes Google Analytics the most widely-used website service as far as marketing and website statistics are concerned.

By Michael Berkman