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ControlPanel Hosting w/WEBMail  
ControlPanel Hosting allows you the flexibility to choose the best configuration for your Web hosting needs

ControlPanel Hosting allows you to manage your accounts through our control panel. The control panel enables you to upload and modify content, increase disk space, add users, change features, add/delete e-mail and ftp users, restore files, access usage statistics, and more.

The ControlPanel Hosting also includes Webmail, allowing you to enjoy secure access to your e-mail from any computer connected to the Internet. Webmail has a robust, easy-to-use interface and a variety of options to filter incoming messages, use autoresponders and create multiple aliases.

ControlPanel Hosting is a well-thought out control panel designed with the end user in mind.

Hosting From $225/year

POP/IMAP mailboxes
(Total Users) From 5
Unlimited e-mail aliases and forwards
Autoresponder support
Anti-spam features
Web Mail

From 50 MB of disk space (selected from several plan levels)
From 1 GB of monthly data transfer
Dedicated IP Address
Triple data backup
Access to raw log files
Unix FreeBSD 4.10 Operating System
SSL Secure Server Support
SPAM filtering and DNS Blacklisting
Virus Scanning on all email accounts
24/7 monitoring ensure your business' stabilitY

  Disk Space Bandwidth Users - Email/FTP
Level 1 50MB
Level 2 300MB
Level 3 500MB
Level 4 800MB 40GB 100